LANEX Screens

LANEX Fast Screens are rare-earth screens that provide extra x-ray absorption and reduced radiation exposure in NDT radiography applications. Use with INDUSTREX High Speed HS 800 film for the fastest industrial x-ray film/screen combination.

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LANEX Fast Screens

incorporating rare-earth phosphor from the lanthanide series, have significantly much higher X-ray absorption and X-ray energy conversion than CaWO4 screens. Accordingly, LANEX Fast Screens permit a greater reduction in exposure than CaWO4 screens.

Get Superb Industrial Film Images

LANEX Fast Screens yield excellent images when used with HS800 Film.

Provided in Asymmetrical Pairs

The phosphor coverage of the non-tube (back) screen is more than twice that of the tube-side (front) screen. This allows for optimized light output from each of the screens during exposure.