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Carestream Smart Planning

To get you up and running and plan for your future

Smart PlanningOur service professionals are passionate about supporting you from day one. CARESTREAM Smart Planning Services help you deliver on your commitment to patients to provide quality diagnostic services. We work with you on strategies to continuously improve your imaging performance, helping you to innovate as needs change and make the most of your budget and resources.

Smart Planning Services include:

  • Project Management
    Superior planning requires thorough understanding. We listen to you and learn from you until we have a solid grasp of how you and your facility work. Then a dedicated project manager works closely with you to plan, organize, staff, and direct the planning process.

  • Technology Consultation
    Our long-term technological experience guides you through the selection and purchase of x-ray imaging solutions that best meets your unique radiology workflow.

  • Site Planning
    Whether you are building a new imaging room or upgrading the one you have we provide everything from architectural schematics to the specifications required for electrical and plumbing.

  • Professional Equipment Handling
    Our Carestream service team will install or relocate your imaging equipment, as well as dispose of your older equipment in an ecologically sound manner.

  • System Integration
    If your healthcare technologies aren’t working together, then they’re not working. Efficient system integration—a Carestream area of expertise—puts your healthcare IT systems to work for you. DICOM and IHE statements are available for more detail about the connectivity and interoperability of Carestream for a truly integrated, multivendor enterprise environment.

  • Network Services
    We’ll help you capitalize on your digital imaging and data network potential. Our network specialists, and supporting organization of professionals, concentrate on the unique aspects of healthcare networking, including image and data workflow, security, RIS connectivity, and healthcare protocols (DICOM, HL-7) – and their impact on your network environment.