Domestic Shipping & Routing Instructions



  • Consolidate on one Bill of Lading (BOL) all shipments shipped on the same day to each Carestream Health site, regardless of different purchase order number.
  • List the weight and pieces as the grand total for the aggregate shipments on the shipping document. (Bill of Lading, Airway Bill, Packing List, etc.)
Palletize freight whenever appropriate/feasible
  • Use separate pallets for each individual shipment.



Must include the following:

  • Ship to address, exactly as it is on the purchase order
  • Purchase Order Number(s)
  • Purchase Order Line-Item Number, (for example, 01, 02, etc.)
  • Weight associated with each Purchase Order Line-Item
  • Charge numbers if identified on the Carestream Health Purchase Order.
  • The third party Carestream Health bill to address, when applicable.


  • Mark the outside of each shipping carton with the Carestream Health Purchase Order Number(s)
  • Mark the total number of cartons shipped on the outside of cartons (example: 1 of 6, 2 of 6, etc.).


  • Each Carestream Health Purchase Order Number must have a separate Packing List.
  • Purchase Order Line-Item Number, (for example, 01, 02, etc.)
  • Weight associated with each Purchase Order Line-Item
  • Charge numbers if identified on the Carestream Health Purchase Order
  • Packing Lists must be attached to the outside of the cartons.
  • Mark the total number of cartons shipped on Packing Lists(s)


  • Do not purchase or sign for additional insurance or declare a value beyond the carrier's normal liability.Carestream Health will not pay for additional insurance

FedEx parcel:

  • No one package can be over 150 lb., nor 108" in length.
  • No one package can be over the FedEx maximum dimensional limit::
    GIRTH (Measure all the way around the box) + the LENGTH cannot exceed 130".
  • For IB shipment use bill recipient and have the shipper enter your account number

Note: If shipments are not originating within the U.S., please refer to information on the purchase order itself or contact your Carestream Health buyer for specific international shipping instructions

Carestream Health's preferred TERMS OF SALE are:

To Carestream Health Destination

  • FOB Origin /Freight Collect
  • For IB shipment, use FedEx parcel (use bill recipient and have the shipper enter your account)

To Non Carestream Health Destination (Third Party Shipments)

  • FOB Origin, Bill 3rd Party (Carestream Health)


Mode is the method of transporting goods and materials from origin to destination based on weight of the shipment, utilizing the most economical method to meet service requirements. Mode selection determines service times and the unit cost of transportation. The principal modes of transportation covered herein are: Truckload (TL), Less Than Truckload (LTL), FedEx Parcel (Small Package), and Air (Small Package or Freight).


First determine the mode of transportation to meet service requirements. Then, based on origin/destination, select the carrier from the destination specific Origin/Destination Carrier Table.

IMPORTANT - Please ship material in time to ensure it arrives at the desired destination by the required date WITHOUT requiring the carrier to handle it as an expedite. Also, whenever possible, please plan so the carrier can be contacted the business day prior to the date of needed pick-up.

Third Party Shipments

Third party shipments: Shipments to non-Carestream Health destination at the request of Carestream Health (ex: Supplier to Supplier; Supplier to Customer; etc)

Carestream Health will hold the supplier named on the purchase order responsible for following these shipping guidelines. Coordination may be needed between the buying and transportation groups here at Carestream Health to ensure proper carriers are being used for these moves. Carestream Health Third Party Bill To Address:

Data2 Logistics
P.O. Box 61050
Fort Myers, FL 33906

General Carrier Guidelines:

Ground Shipments: FedEx Parcel is our preferred carrier for those shipments > 1lb but < 150 lbs. In all cases, an account number will need to be set up for third party movements. For shipments < 1lb, USPS (US Postal Service) is our preferred carrier.

LTL Shipments: < 10,000 lbs and/or shipments 10 pallet positions or less use FedEx Freight; our preferred carrier.

TL Shipments: > 10,000 lbs, use Colorado Worldwide or Navajo.

Air Shipments: As a general rule, shipments between 1-40 lbs. should ship via FedEx. Shipments 41 lbs. and above use Seko Worldwide. In many cases air shipments need to be handled on a case-by-case basis. Frequency of need, lead-time, etc. will determine what service and carrier is the best choice. A new third-party account may need to be set up or an existing account may be used depending on the specific situation.

High Value Equipment: HVE moves requiring special handling such as air-ride capability, bracing of goods, inside delivery, debris removal, etc., our preferred carrier is Mayflower.