T-MAT G/RA Films

Excellent for high-contrast, high-resolution images T-MAT G/RA film is ideal for high-contrast general and specialty radiography, including orthopedic examinations. Unique, T-Grain film technology yields brilliant, sharp, low-mottle images to support easy, reliable diagnosis. A special optical base density color optimizes contrast discrimination, reduces viewing fatigue, and sharpens image perception. The result is better viewing wherever you access the images—the radiology viewing room, surgical suite, consulting/ conference room, processing area, and office environment.

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  • T-Grain film technology delivers clear and brilliant medical images and minimizes minus-density pre-processing handling artifacts that can compromise radiographic interpretation
  • Sensitometrically stable and reliable in automatic processing, and under a variety of processing conditions
  • No need for rescreening

    Can be used with all green-emitting rare-earth intensifying screens such as LANEX screens or appropriate screens from other manufacturers