CARESTREAM Clinical Repository

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Enabling the clinical community to have access to a complete patient record requires a patient-centric vendor neutral archive with a universal viewer. Carestream’s Vue Archive, seamlessly consolidates disparate imaging systems into one repository using the latest interoperability standards. Combined with Vue Motion  – a zero-footprint universal image viewer— it provides secure, real-time imaging access across the healthcare enterprise.

falseVNAConsolidate islands of storage and present a single point of access to entire patient clinical records with a true vendor neutral archive. Vue Archive:
  • Collects images and data from a variety of systems such as imaging exams, lab and pathology data, video files, and JPEG images to create cohesive patient portfolio. 
  • Supports interoperability and integration standards and protocols such as HL7, DICOM, non-DICOM, IHE (including XDS, XDS-i) and WADO. 
  • Supports wide range of architectures and infrastructures from departmental and multi-site to regional and national medical archive projects.