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DRYVIEW DVE Laser Imaging Film


DRYVIEW DVE Laser Imaging Film offers distinct advantages that are clear to see. Combining dry laser imaging with slightly bluer, more pleasing blue/black tones, DVE Film improves image visibility in low density and higher density regions alike. It also lasts longer, handles more efficiently and maximizes your film supply inventory. For most imagers a simple software upgrade is all it takes to seamlessly transition to DVE Film while continuing to use your current film supply.

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Compatible with select DRYVIEW Laser Imagers, Backed by World-Class Service and Support

Improves image visibility with slightly bluer image tone for cleaner blue in low density areas and a more pleasing blue/black in higher density regions.

Offers extended shelf life with 24-month dating to avoid aging inventory issues and costs.

A printed virtual notch provides smooth film edges, properly orients the film on view boxes and helps the film more easily slide into envelopes for storage.

Simply upgrade software to transition to DVE Film while continuing to use your current film supply.

To determine if your laser imager needs a software upgrade or is compatible with DVE – download our information sheet here


Available Sizes