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Customer Training FAQs

How do I enroll?

  • There are two ways to enroll.  You may download the registration form, complete it and fax it to 800-445-9967 or complete the registration form on line and send it electronically.  You will also need to submit your purchase order along with your completed registration in order to be enrolled in the class. Here is our web address to email your registration form and PO.

What are the prerequisites that I would need for class?

  • Prerequisites vary depending on the class you are interested in.  Please refer to the course description on this website. The course description outlines what the prerequisites are for the specific class that you would like to take.

Do I receive ASRT or CE credit?

  • ASRT approved continuing education credit is approved for most on site Applications product training.  CE credit has not been approved for technical/ biomed product training classes conducted in Rochester NY.

Where are the classes located?

  • The technical product service classes are located in Rochester, NY.

Where do I stay?

  • Once you register for a class, you will receive a confirmation letter that supplies names and phone numbers of nearby hotels.  There are several moderately priced hotels located close to the training center on Ridge Road for you to choose from.

Is the training facility close to an airport?

  • Yes, the Rochester International Airport is approximately 15- 20 minutes away.  Please allow 1.5 to 2 hrs from class dismissal to flight departure.

Do I need to rent a car?

  • Yes, you will need your own transportation to get back and forth from the hotel and the training center.

What is the attire for class?

  • Business casual is appropriate for class. Chinos or Dockers slacks, polo shirt, golf shirt etc.  Jeans, shorts, flipflops and t-shirts would not be acceptable. 

How do I contact someone in the training center?

What tools do I need to bring to class ?

  • Please refer to the course description.

When will the class end on the last day?

  • Please refer to the course description.

What information may I get about things to do in Rochester?

  • We have several pamphlets in our lobby that pertain to entertainment opportunities that you might like to partake of while you are in Rochester, NY.