JatkaKäytämme evästeitä parhaan käyttömukavuuden takaamiseksi sivuillamme. Voit selata Carestream sivuja vaikka evästeet eivät ole käytössä; Sivujen käyttö kuitenkin paranee huomattavasti, jos evästeet on aktivoitu. Jos jatkat muuttamatta asetuksia, hyväksyt kaikki evästeet. Voit kuitenkin muuttaa evästeiden asetusta milloin tahansa.

Jos haluat lisätietoja (tämä on linkki tietosuojakäytäntöömme, jossa on yksityiskohtaista tietoa kuinka käytämme evästeitä ja kuinka niiden asetuksia muutetaan).

CARESTREAM MyVue Patient Portal

Empower. Collaborate. Engage.

Improve satisfaction by empowering your patients to access and share their imaging results between facilities, physicians, specialists and other healthcare providers. Carestream’s MyVue is a secure portal that allows patients to play an integral role in their medical care. MyVue helps reduce duplicate radiographic exams and the time, staff and budget you spend producing CDs, DVDs or film.

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How it Works

Fast, Simple, Secure Sharing

With MyVue, a unique and secure log-in is generated and emailed to each patient after their exam.

Patient images, information and reports can be accessed through the secure log-in from a variety of Web-browser enabled devices.

Once registered, patients can view their study or portfolio and manage who they want to share with (physician or non-physician).

The patient has control of sharing options:

  • Sharing period
  • Single study or entire portfolio
  • Allow additional sharing levels
  • Hide patients details
  • Send automatic e-mail
  • Optional message

After checking consent, a patient grants shared access.

The shared user receives an e-mail request to join.

The guest clicks on the link and registers or logs into the system to view the study or portfolio.

Additional sharing and collaboration is granted by the patient.

MyVue can be a stand-alone patient portal as part of Vue PACS or Vue Archive, or embedded within an existing HIS or EMR patient portal.

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MyVue Benefits

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Clinical Collaboration Platform

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120 - My Vue Patient Portal
Survey of U.S. Patients Indicates Preference for Electronic Access to X-Ray Exams

Seventy nine percent of patients would be more likely to return to a facility that offers online image portal.