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CARESTREAM Project Management Services

Carestream Health Project Managers are your single contact for our workflow analysis team approach. Experienced in radiology workflows, information technology systems, and healthcare imaging standards, our Project Managers work closely with you to plan, organize, staff, direct, and control all project activities. Our activities are guided by three main principles to effectively deliver your systems: the right team approach, a proven methodology, and documentation of all activities from requirements through acceptance testing.

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Team approach
Carestream Health Project Managers have a unique mix of skills and experience in professional project management disciplines, interpersonal communications, radiology workflows and methods, information technology disciplines, and healthcare imaging and data standards. To deliver the complete solution, our Project Managers direct the engagement of other Carestream Health Professional Services personnel such as Applications Consultants, Network Engineers, Integration Specialists, and (where required) third-party providers.

Structured documentation
Carestream Health Project Managers capture, share, and store information for subsequent use, and assure that all team members understand critical requirements, activities, statuses, and issues. Critical documents include detailed project plans, system design and installation data, remote support details, network diagrams, and others.