Radiology Reporting

Carestream Health—a leading provider of radiology products worldwide

Generating reports for referring physicians is an important part of the reading and review process for radiologists. Carestream Health, a leading provider of medical imaging and IT solutions, provides advanced radiology reporting capabilities with its next-generation radiology information system, CARESTREAM RIS. 

Radiology ReportingWith enhanced exam reading and reporting, CARESTREAM RIS offers a range of features to improve efficiency in radiology reporting—all based on “lean” principles that streamline the reading and reporting process while providing flexibility for personal preferences. Unnecessary or redundant activities are eliminated to create a highly efficient workflow. Features include …

• Interactive voice dictation
• Voice command and control
• Mouse-less reporting
• Embedded voice fields in the standard answer

In standardized radiology reporting, information is presented in a consistent, clear and organized way. Reporting is faster due to the need to change only what varies from standard answer. Based on the exam performed, CARESTREAM RIS selects the correct standard report—eliminating the need to search for the appropriate report format. When the radiologist begins a diagnosis, all basic patient and exam data is pre-populated in the report.

A summary screen provides “at-a-glance” access to information required by radiologists. Finally, the option for second and third signing enhances collaboration between radiologists and supports improved patient care.

Regardless of your radiology reporting needs, we can help. Learn more about CARESTREAM RIS or see the full breadth of our Medical Imaging & IT solutions.