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CARESTREAM PACS 3D Functionality

Do all your reading at just one PACS workstation with the 3D display, tools, and functions you want—right where you are. Eliminating specialized 3D workstations offers significant benefits in reduced reading time and streamlined workflow.
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ORTHOVIEW™ Orthopaedic Digital Imaging

Enables surgeons to use digital images for pre-operative planning and templating. A cost-effective licensing model allows concurrent use of workstation licenses. Templating is convenient and productive due to ability to participate from either local or remote Carestream Health workstations. Scale a solution to fit your specific needs - private practice, imaging center, clinic, or hospital.
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Virtual Colonoscopy for CARESTREAM PACS

Adds the capability to review 2D CT colon images in 3D mode. This package provides single-click access to Viatronix V3D-Colon, fully integrated with CARESTREAM PACS. The V3D-Colon application provides a powerful screening tool to add more services for your institution. Beyond being a PACS add-on, this powerful screening tool adds more services for your institution.
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CARESTREAM PACS with Mammography Upgrade
Bring the power and productivity of PACS to digital breast imaging with a system designed to suit your facility’s size and workflow demands. Carestream Health mammography tools work as upgrades to the CARESTREAM PACS or as standalone solutions compatible with other PACS.
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Image Fusion Suite for CARESTREAM PACS
Integrates CARESTREAM PACS with the Siemens Fusion7D™ software for image fusion and provides single-click access to this powerful application. Fusion7D enables clinicians to localize diagnostic information and confidently assess pathologies such as tumors or neurological disorders.