Clinical Collaboration Platform

Increasing Healthcare Efficiency

The Clinical Collaboration Platform can help to optimize collaboration using clinical data across and outside the enterprise, break down walls between departments, sites and networks, and provide physicians with a single view of critical patient records.

The platform equips those responsible for providing, receiving and reimbursing care with the ability to share and manage clinical data in ways that can help reduce costs and improve care.

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Platform Benefits

  • Complement standards-based clinical-workflow with your existing EMR
  • Consolidate and aggregate silo’ed archives for holistic management
  • Expand new service line such as telemedicine and/or teleradiology
  • Minimize duplication of exams or cost by activating a regional information exchange network
  • Increase security and privacy management
  • Support greater efficiency in gathering relevant information for payors and the government
  • Present a patient-centric view for clinical data
  • Improve ability to coordinate amongst different specialties
  • Encourage patient engagement with own access, management and sharing

The Four Modules

Featured Video

Solutions and Services