INSIGHT Pediatric Imaging Film

INSIGHT pediatric imaging systems improve diagnostic confidence for neonatal and pediatric applications. With zero-crossover technology used in three speeds of pediatric x-ray film, the radiologist can visualize substantially more diagnostic information than is available with conventional imaging systems, due to extremely low noise and high resolution. Improved diagnostic information and excellent exposure tolerance mean fewer repeat examinations. The choice of speed in this pediatric radiographic  film yields various levels of detail for a variety of diagnostic requirements.

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INSIGHT pediatric imaging system comes in three speeds.

High-speed (300) INSIGHT pediatric imaging system delivers high spatial resolution to differentiate neonatal anatomical structures and catheters—without the increased noise that can obscure certain disease patterns. Low noise is especially valuable in the diagnosis of hyaline membrane disease in premature newborns.

Medium speed (230) INSIGHT pediatric detail imaging system discloses subtle breakdowns in the trabecular pattern of bone, which occurs when the normal cellular appearance becomes disrupted by metabolic changes that precede cancer formation. As a result, potentially serious bone conditions, such as cancer, may be detected and treated earlier.

Low-speed (80) INSIGHT PEDIATRIC ULTRA-DETAIL Imaging System is essential for differential diagnosis of trauma vs. traumatic abuse. Periosteal reaction, metaphyseal fractures, callus formation, and other cortical and trabecular variations may provide the only evidence of non-accidental injury.




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