Carestream Non Destructive Testing Image Management Solutions

As our industry moves towards digital imaging, secure storage, redundant file backup, ease of access, fast recovery of files, and improved analysis and documentation are becoming standard.

Carestream’s Archiving Solutions use the industry accepted DICONDE protocol and allow our customers to store, search, share and retrieve images easily and efficiently.

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Carestream NDT Data Archiving Solutions keep your data where it belongs; securely archived yet easily accessible to approved users anywhere in the world.

Our Archiving Solutions operate using the industry accepted DICONDE protocol, allowing users to store, search, share and retrieve images meeting this protocol by other manufactures.

Carestream NDT’s Archive has multiple layers of security and redundancy design to ensure your investment is protected. Data access can be granted or restricted on an individual basis, based on assigned permissions. Or, it can be anonymized and shared throughout the enterprise. Centralized user management leverages SSL communication encryption or data encryption at the modality, site, or pixel level to comply with privacy and legal requirements. High-availability design includes Smart Synchronization to optimize usage across the network, as well as replication/fail to a secondary location for disaster recovery. Proactive monitoring and reports give administrators full management and control of the archive.

Carestream Image Management Solutions – Cost Effective Data Storage and Security
No matter the size of your business, the management of image data is an important investment.  As our industry moves towards digital imaging, customers are quickly learning the benefits associated with secure storage, redundant file backup for long term protection of data, ease of access with centrally located files, fast recovery of files stored in a database, and improved
analysis and documentation.

There are also cost savings in time, efficiency and information storage for easy access, especially in the case of an emergency.


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