Carestream Mammography Films


MIN-R S Film

Optimize mammography imaging in challenging processing environments

If you use shallow tanks for your mammogram film processing or share your processing in a mixed environment, count on MIN-R S Film for optimal image quality.

  • Crisp, sharp images enhance viewing of minute details.
  • Choice of screens to meet particular needs imaging requirements.
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Carestream Medical Film

Features and Accessories

High-Quality Images
  • Delivers sharp, crisp images to improve viewing ease and provide increased diagnostic information.
  • High resolution provides enhanced perception of microcalcifications and other minute details, giving you greater interpretation confidence.
Innovative Design
  • Proprietary dual-emulsion film technology uses two thin emulsions working in tandem to yield a superb image with greater processing tolerance than a thicker single emulsion.
  • Primary emulsion images breast parenchyma, providing detail and contrast, while the secondary emulsion images the breast periphery and upper density.
Excellent Flexibility
  • MIN-R S Film fits into your existing workflow, requiring no adjustment to equipment or procedures in most cases.
  • Compatible with all MIN-R screens, it also can be used with orthochromatic mammographic screens from other manufacturers.
Mammography Screens
  • MIN-R Screens advanced technology that optimizes the performance of mammography films. The Film-Screen Systems include: MIN-R 2000 and MIN-R 2190 screens
Mammography Cassettes
  • Designed for use in mammography imaging, MIN-R 2 Cassettes are integrated as part of the MIN-R Film-Screen system.
Screen Cleaner for Mammography
  • The screen cleaner is specially formulated to optimize the superb image quality of the MIN-R Screen Film Systems.
MIN-R Screen Cleaner Wipes
  • MIN-R screen cleaner wipes are convenient, effective all-in-one cleaning tools to help keep MIN-R screens and cassettes free of dust and dirt that can cause minus-density artifacts on film.
X-OMAT EX II Developer and Replenisher
  • Highly recommended for processing MIN-R 2000 Plus, MIN-R 2000 and MIN-R S mammography films, it also has excellent results with all general radiography films.
RP X-OMAT Developer and Replenisher
  • RP X-OMAT developer and replenisher is our highest-quality, most versatile diagnostic film developer, suitable for standard, rapid, and extended processing.
RP X-OMAT LO Fixer and Replenisher
  • RP X-OMAT LO fixer and replenisher is formulated to enhance your working environment, image quality, and bottom line. Reduced odor, replenishment and environmental impact are among its benefits.

Available Sizes

MIN-R S Film 24 x 30 cm 18 x 24 m
MIN-R 2000 Screen in MIN-R 2 cassette 24 x 30 cm 18 x 24 cm
MIN-R 2190 Screen in MIN-R 2 cassette 24 x 30 cm 18 x 24 cm