‘Carestream DRX Family Makes You Think Differently about DR’

Carestream Health, the worldwide provider of dental and medical imaging systems and Healthcare IT solutions, is a leading company offering a wide gamut of imaging options-- from CR to wireless, cassette-size detectors for existing X-ray rooms and mobile X-ray systems, as well as fully-automated DR suites.

In recognition of its innovative technological advancements, Carestream Health was conferred with ‘North American Medical Imaging Company of the year’ by Frost & Sullivan in 2010.

Sujay Suvarna, Regional Business Manager – Digital Radiography, Emerging Markets - Greater Russia, Indian Subcontinent, Turkey, Middle East, Africa & French Dom Tom territories, Carestream Health speaks to Express Healthcare on the exclusivity of Carestream DRX Family products and  it’s  ‘X-Factor’  effect.

What constitutes Carestream DRX Family?
Carestream DRX Family  is an innovative portfolio of DR solutions built around the DRX-1 detector –the world’s first cassette sized wireless detector. These solutions allow you to convert, replace or expand your imaging system.  The DRX family comprises a) DRX-1 or DRX-1C System that converts existing analog rooms and mobile systems to DR, b) DRX-Evolution-- a full DR suite configured to meet workflow, budget, and room requirements, c) DRX Q-Rad, which is a floor-mounted DR system for small to medium-sized hospitals, diagnostic imaging centers and clinics

Carestream DRX Family solutions enable you to capture, process and view high-quality digital images within seconds. Whether you are looking for an affordable upgrade to your existing equipment, or a full X-ray room replacement, with the DRX family solutions you can go digital, go wireless and do it cost effectively with a single purchase or over time.

Carestream Health is propagating the advantages of Carestream DRX Family as an ‘X-Factor’. Please expound on the concept.
The business priorities of Carestream Health are patient satisfaction, quality, improving productivity and workflow and enhancing patient care. We are the only company that provides (1) the compatibility to existing equipment, (2) an entire portfolio built on the single, DRX platform and (3) the ability for customers to easily grow their DR capability. This is ...The X-Factor brought only by the DRX family.

How does Carestream DRX Family ensure compatibility?
For an existing analog/conventional X-ray room, the DRX detector fits into your wall stand or table Bucky without modification (due to the same size and volume of an analog or CR 35x43cm cassette), enabling you to go DR in less than a day. The same detector also fits into the entire portfolio of Carestream DRX products, whether it is a full room DR suite or mobile retrofit. So, your facility can have a single detector platform that works in every room, thereby providing image consistency and redundancy/backup.  

How does Carestream DRX Family score on scalability and smart investment?
We have a modular approach to your capital purchases. As your facility grows and changes, you can affordably add functionality by using the DRX as your foundation. You can convert more analog rooms to DR with the DRX-1 system. You can easily customize a DR suite with the DRX-Evolution and DRX Q-Rad systems that offer flexible and modular components. With Carestream DRX Family, your detector and all your imaging equipment speak the same language. Thus, Carestream DRX Family of products grows with you.

How does Carestream DRX Family make for smart investment, when the cost of DR systems prohibits hospitals/clinics from investing in them?
Carestream DRX products ensure better use of your capital investment. It makes for smart investment as you no longer need to stay with a specific piece of equipment. The DRX detector can be deployed throughout the day and throughout your facility, where it is needed most. You may move a detector to a DRX-Mobile retrofit for morning rounds or take the detector to a DRX-Evolution room during peak hours. You would accrue the maximum returns from this investment, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, for customers who already have CR, we have a very unique portfolio solution to enable them to go DR, all at once.

In a nutshell,

  • Maximize the DRX detector investment by moving them from location to location, based on departmental workload.
  • Move the DRX detector to a room, when not performing portable exams. Do not leave a detector on the mobile, when it’s not in use.
  • Upgrade from single detector to dual, when your workload increases.
  • Re-deploy the DRX detector from a DRX-1 System to a DRX-Evolution system, when you upgrade to a full-room DR.