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A community of service and support

Carestream is focused on your operational and business success throughout your entire project’s service lifecycle. Your healthcare IT investment is optimized by service collaboration and support at every step of the way. Our service offerings include:

  • Full project management through professional services
  • Service and support delivery using ITIL best practices
  • Proactive remote monitoring services
  • End user group for customers to connect and collaborate

  • Contact and Location Information
  • Professional Services
  • VIBE User Group

Contact and Location Information

Professional Services

Professional Services offers full project management and organizational commitment for effective execution throughout a project’s service life cycle. A consistent methodology allows for efficiency for an overall successful outcome for your Healthcare IT project.

Stage 1: Project Initiation- Project Kick off, Project Governance
Stage 2: Preparation- Current & Future state Workflow, Project Plan
Stage 3: Installation and Configuration- Hardware, Software
Stage 4: System Readiness- End to End Testing, Training
Stage 5: Go-Live- Clinical Use
Stage 6: Project Closure- Project Acceptance, transition to customer care

Healthcare IT Implementation sell sheet (PDF) 

  Connectivity, Interoperability & Conformance

VIBE User Group

120 - Remote Services
Remote Monitoring Service

CARESTREAM Smart Link remote technology creates a powerful conduit between your Carestream solutions and our Customer Success Network.

Carestream embraces the ITIL structure to ensure the delivery and support of IT Services.

Learn more about ITIL