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Applications and Use Cases

Collaborative capabilities across the platform. Applying the platform to specific business use cases.

Engage Patients

Engage Patients 

Patients are eager consumers of healthcare information, and are looking for guidance that’s focused and relevant to their particular case. A secure patient portal that delivers personalized health and wellness information helps patients take greater ownership of their own healthcare while increasing engagement and satisfaction with their healthcare providers. Research has proven that patients are more likely to return to a facility that offers access to imaging results. Does your patient engagement strategy today include image sharing?

Part of the Clinical Collaboration Platform is Carestream’s secure MyVue portal module that empowers patients to access, share and help manage their own images and exam data. It's easily embedded into the EMR patient portal and accessible on any web-enabled device including mobile tablets and smartphones. MyVue enables a collaborative workflow through sharing of clinical information and images between patients, physicians and healthcare facilities, while helping eliminate the need for duplicate exams and CDs, DVDs or films. Patients retain full control over which individuals and facilities can access their data.


Remote Care