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Carestream Non-Destructive Testing Launches New INDUSTREX Software with Sharper Image Quality

ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 2 – Raising the bar in non-destructive testing (NDT) technology, new Carestream NDT INDUSTREX Digital Viewing Software Version 5.2 delivers a higher level of image resolution for digital radiography, resulting in more accurate defect detection for NDT inspections. This software is an all-in-one solution that includes modules for CR, DR and data, eliminating the need to purchase costly add-on modules. It also includes upgrades over the life of users’ capture devices, ensuring the latest features and functionality while minimizing the future expense of purchasing new software.

The software update features sharper image quality and new tools for image analysis, including process automation tools that streamline and increase imaging throughput. It is easier to use with a simplified user interface and provides new tools for easy adaptation by users of any level.

 “The improvements are based on working directly with our customers. We use customer input to drive our software’s capabilities in order  to meet their needs—especially when it comes to achieving the highest level of image quality, ease of integration and greater user adoption,” said Marty Graen, Worldwide General Manager for Carestream NDT. “Delivering these benefits lets technicians find defects more quickly and easily, no matter which modality they use. At Carestream NDT, we modify our software functionality to make sure we keep up with changing standards and our most demanding customers’ needs.”

The advancements in image resolution with INDUSTREX 5.2 will enable more customers to move inspection techniques from film to CR and DR, and in doing so capture the increased productivity of digital radiography. By simplifying the operation of imaging software for all key modalities, Carestream NDT enables more companies to transition to digital imaging. In addition, INDUSTREX 5.2 is a single software platform for CR and DR, which reduces training time and expense.

These software updates, combined with Carestream NDT’s EDGE Display filters, move digital NDT imaging even closer to matching the resolution and detail that users achieve with film.

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