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Carestream Introduces New Small-Format Cesium Iodide X-ray Detector

New Detector Designed to Capture Pediatric, Extremity and Tabletop Imaging Exams

ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 11 — Carestream introduced its newly designed small-format CARESTREAM DRX Plus 2530C Detector with cesium iodide technology. This X-ray detector has a resolution of 98 microns and delivers enhanced resolution to capture the fine detail of smaller anatomical structures present in pediatric patients.

CARESTREAM DRX Plus 2530C DetectorThis new detector allows quick and easy positioning in the incubator trays of pediatric bassinettes of all sizes. The DRX Plus 2530C detector is a cesium iodide design, which is ideal for dose-sensitive pediatric applications. The detector also provides convenient, comfortable positioning for a wide range of extremity exams. The new 25 x 30 cm detector offers beam-sensing technology and a built-in wireless access point that simplify installation and represent important improvements to Carestream’s first small-format detector. The detector also delivers longer battery life to support continued use throughout the day and night.

“Our new detector will offer valuable improvements in small-format imaging throughout the hospital—from the NICU to orthopaedics, surgery or tabletop exams,” said Jill Hamman, Carestream’s Worldwide Marketing Manager for Global X-ray Solutions. “It also addresses requests from healthcare professionals for enhanced diagnostic image resolution.”

The new detector features Carestream’s X-Factor that can help enhance productivity and convenience since any of the company’s DRX Plus detectors can be used with any DRX imaging system to help ensure continuous uptime and greater imaging flexibility.