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X-OMAT BT and HBT Films

Maximize blue screen-film system performance with T-Grain emulsion technology. 
Medical X-ray Film/General Purpose/Blue/MXB and X-OMAT HBT Film/XHBT films take blue screen-film imaging to a new level. These outstanding image quality, blue-sensitive films are a result of Carestream Health’s continued investment in diagnostic film imaging. X-OMAT film uses T-Grain emulsion technology for ultimate diagnostic confidence. Plus, Medical X-ray Film Blue and HBT blue-sensitive films work with your existing technology. Improved handling and processing characteristics save time and money.

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Increased diagnostic confidence.

Outstanding image quality ― with reduced handling and roller artifacts, more consistent processing results, high upper-scale contrast, cool image tone, and high-gloss finish ―supports greater diagnostic confidence.

Improved processing stability.

BT and HBT medical film maintains speed in a wide variety of processing conditions, saving time and reducing costly retakes

Great flexibility.

Compatibility with your current blue light screens and cassettes, as well as appropriate screens from other manufacturers, helps reduce costs and maximize convenience.

Cost-saving opportunities.

Improved drying, reduced sensitivity to developer contamination, a choice of automatic or manual processing, and the potential for reduced replenishment rates provide opportunities for cost savings and better diagnostic film imaging.


Software & Accessories