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Cassettes and Screens

Medical X-ray Cassettes with Green 400 ScreensMedical X-ray Cassettes with Green 400 Screens

These cassettes are designed for medical x-ray green-sensitive ­films, are orthochromatic and suitable for all types of radiographic examinations and provide consistent quality in an affordable cassette.

  • 9 sizes with or without a window for patient identification
  • 400-speed green-emitting screens for sharp images and low patient exposure
  • Aluminum alloy construction for durability and sharp, clear images
  • Scratch resistant and covered by one year, limited warranty

 Medical X-ray Cassettes with Green 400 Screens brochure  

Select Cassettes with LANEX ScreensSelect Cassettes with LANEX Screens

These cassettes are designed for seamless compatibility with green-sensitive medical x-ray ­films.

  • Affordable, high quality construction
  • 10, common, sizes with regular, fine or fast screens
  • Back panel and fitted foam lining provide uniform contact for high-quality images

 Select Cassettes with LANEX Screens brochure 

LANEX Screens

These x-ray screens incorporate phosphors containing metal compounds from the lanthanide series of rare-earth elements. The phosphors convert x-ray energy into green light. LANEX screens may be ordered as replacement screens for customer mounting in X-OMAT cassettes.  The screen options include:

  • Regular, ideal for general and serial radiographic procedures.
  • Medium, ideal for chest radiography, tomography, and pediatric studies with low quantum mottle.
  • Fine, designed for high-definition procedures.  LANEX fine screens with T-MAT G/RA or L/RA film offers a fast, high-detail combination for extremity radiography
  • Fast, for quality images with reduced dosage.  The speed of these screens, combined with T-MAT RA films, produces ideal systems for angiography, scoliosis radiography, and barium studies. LANEX fast screens and T-MAT H/RA film provide the fastest film-screen system (900 speed).

T-MAT G/RA Films

X-OMATIC Regular Intensifying Screens

X-OMATIC intensifying screens are designed for use with X-OMAT films and other blue-sensitive films for general radiography. These x-ray screens:

  • Incorporate phosphors that convert x-ray energy into blue light, predominantly ultraviolet, for high-quality medical images.
  • May be ordered as replacement screens for customers mounting in X-OMAT cassettes.