A clinical comparison of orthopaedic imaging modalities. By Jarrett D. Cain, DPM, MSc., FACFAS. When diagnosing disorders of the foot and ankle, imaging is a valuable source of information for the assessment of condition and treatment options. However, the choice of imaging modality depends on several factors: ReliabilitySafetyCostImaging

A NHG Diagnostics supera os desafios da pandemia ao fornecer diagnóstico por imagem ágil em unidades de atendimento comunitário. Por Chong Chun Meng, responsável técnico em radiologia, e Damien Li, técnico em radiologia sênior; National Healthcare Group Diagnostics. Como ocorre em outros países em todo o mundo,

NHG Diagnostics supera los desafíos de la pandemia para brindar de manera oportuna los diagnósticos por imágenes en centros de atención médica comunitarios. Por Chong Chun Meng, radiólogo principal; y Damien Li, radiólogo sénior; National Healthcare Group Diagnostics. Como en otros países, la pandemia de COVID-19 ha forzado

Strategies for providing inpatient and outpatient imaging under new and challenging conditions. The persistence of the COVID-19 virus is requiring many imaging providers to adjust operations in order to resume routine radiology care as well as attend to patients infected with COVID-19. Everything Rad asked several imaging