Get Energized in the Carestream Booth at RSNA 2021!

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7 Worthwhile Reasons to Visit Carestream at RSNA.

Going to RSNA 2021 in Chicago? Make time in your schedule to visit the Carestream Booth in the North Hall. Interact with our newest imaging solutions. Get informed. Get energized! See innovation in action. Schedule your personalized appointment at RSNA today!

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Let us help you improve patient care. Schedule your personalized demonstration today.

1. Get mobile with our bedside imaging systems!

Take our improved DRX-Revolution Mobile Imaging System for a spin. Experience its smooth acceleration and superb maneuverability — it truly turns on a dime. Listen to the purr of its quieter drive motor.  Adjust the enhanced tubehead and collimator faster than before — you’ll feel how much smaller, lighter and better balanced they are. Experience the difference in the Revolution’s more responsive display screen.

Next, maneuver the Ziehm Vision RFD Mobile C-arm to sample its unique, nimble, easy-drive system. Take some measurements. It has a 33” arm opening that gives you the room to perform scans; a small footprint for saving space and speeding workflow — and a 32” monitor featuring exceptional brightness and contrast.

photo showing radiographer doing image capture remotely
Get a firsthand look at our AI-powered Smart Room. Schedule your appointment with Carestream today.

2. Increase your intelligence with our smart rooms!

Smarter is always better — so come boost your imaging IQ as you watch our AI-driven Smart Technique automatically detect patient size to effortlessly apply proper Exposure Technique. See how the Video Assist display shows patients how to properly position themselves next to the Bucky. True brilliance! Finally, get wise to the benefits of Smart Collimation — it automatically adjusts the blades to the appropriate field size for different patients. Smart DR Workflow is available on our DRX-Compass and DRX-Evolution Plus X-ray rooms.

3. Experience dramatic weight loss with our newest detector!

Shedding a couple pounds is usually a good thing. So come pick up our glass-free Lux 35 Detector — it weighs almost two pounds less than our DRX-Plus Detectors. Run a finger over its ergonomically-designed rounded edges. Then take a stand – next to our DRX-L Detector for long-length images in a single shot. And browse our full line of DR Detectors to find the one that fits your workflow and your budget.

4. Gain flexibility with our X-ray rooms!

Sitting in sessions all day can make your body feel stiff. Get back some flexibility with our X-ray rooms! A wide range of motion is important, so move the tabletop of our DRX-Evolution Plus to see its increased range. Gain greater flexibility with our extended tube-column.

Photo of the Compass X-ray room.
See both configurations in the Carestream booth at RSNA.

Streamline workflow with Evolution’s Smart Room features. And let our higher capacity table do the heavy lifting for you — it can support up to 705 pounds!

Need a slimmed-down system to save space? Check out the new floor-mount option for our popular DRX-Compass X-ray System.

5. Witness an eclipse in our AI-powered software!

You should never look directly at an eclipse — but you won’t be able to take your eyes off of ours! Carestream’s Eclipse Software Engine applies AI and advanced algorithms to shed a dramatic new light on imaging — driving concrete, measurable results through Imaging and Workflow Intelligence.

Come marvel at the Eclipse, right here in the booth, while AI is applied to image processing – including noise cancellation and bone suppression. The result? Stellar levels of image quality that can lower dose and provide a higher level of diagnostic confidence.

6. Experience total freedom with DR retrofit!

Enjoy unprecedented freedom of movement in the X-ray room with the DRX-Transportable System/Lite’s wireless tablet operation. There’s no bulky electronics box required, and no need to stay at a fixed console —so you’re left foot-loose and fancy-free to move around your imaging room or to other X-ray suites in your facility! You can also use it on your mobile units and move it back to your DR room, it’s that versatile! Yet, you retain complete control of the system, and the tablet immediately displays radiographs as they are acquired. View our full portfolio of retrofit solutions for rooms, mobiles.

7. Improve your image with digital output!

It’s important to present the most professional image possible in the workplace — and providing great-looking, high-quality digital output is a great way to do just that! Enter the Carestream booth to review the various sizes and workflows that are available with our medical printing solutions to see which one best suits your facility.

Our DRYVIEW Laser Imagers offer a complete diagnostic imaging portfolio. So put your best foot forward with output devices that accommodate the entire imaging chain — including computed radiography, digital radiography and hardcopy digital output. After all — when your images look good, so do you!

We are looking forward to seeing you in Chicago – kindly schedule your personalized demo today.

Can’t make it to Chicago? You can still experience the benefits of Carestream’s innovative imaging solutions in our Virtual Hospital and Virtual Clinic.

Katie Kilfoyle Remis is the Editor of Everything Rad. She is also Carestream’s Digital Media Manager.


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