Diagnostic Reading #10: Five “Must Read” Articles on HIT and Radiology

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This week’s articles in Diagnostic Reading include: solutions to encourage collaborative AI research; ECR 2019 sessions offer suggestions for keeping the patient in focus; blockchain’s potential role in teleradiology; the RBMA’s new Business Excellence Program; and is AI deterring radiology trainees?

How image analysis competitions can promote faster, more collaborative AI research – Health Imaging

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in medical imaging has paved the way for the improvement of workflow standardization, consistency, and dependability that imaging providers need in order to achieve the best patient care. However, as when implementing any new kind of technology into clinical workflows, there are challenges. In a special report recently published in the inaugural issue of Radiology: Artificial Intelligence, the authors recognize these challenges, but also offer potential solutions—specifically image-based competitions—that could foster collaborative AI research.

Image of Radiologist looking at images on PACs.
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Building trust between the patient and radiographer in a digital world – Everything Rad

There were 80 sessions on artificial intelligence at ECR 2019. However, the topic that surfaced often in conversations and the sessions was the very low-tech but all-important human factor. Several ECR sessions offered studies and suggestions for keeping the patient in focus.

The potential role of blockchain in teleradiology – Everything Rad

An increasing number of industries are adopting the use of blockchain technology. These include financial services, media and telecom, transportation, and more. In 2018, ComputerWorld called blockchain “the most disruptive technology in decades.” Does blockchain have a role in teleradiology, too?

RBMA launches new program to recognize practices committed to advancing radiology – Radiology Business

The Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) is launching a new Business Excellence Program to recognize radiology practices that have demonstrated a commitment to high quality and advancing the business of radiology. The program certifies that radiology practices holding this recognition are in good standing as an active member of the RBMA and committed to training with the latest advancements in care quality, patient satisfaction, business management and regulatory compliance. The RBMA will award the first Business Excellence-recognized practices in April 2019.

Is AI discouraging trainees from pursuing radiology? – AI in Healthcare

Though artificial intelligence (AI) continues to make great strides within radiology, some radiologists are still unprepared to educate medical students regarding its usage. This in turn may hinder medical students and trainees from pursuing radiology, according to an editorial published in Academic Radiology. For some radiologists, the inability to explain AI and its connection to radiology is because of previous experiences with technological advances—namely, computer-aided diagnosis.

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