Virtual health consultants

Diagnostic Reading #16: Five “Must Read” Articles on Radiology and Health IT

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Radiology consults, healthIT data breaches and telemedicine make the news.

This week’s articles include: study shows that delivering personalized care to patients could increase revenues; referring physicians appreciate the value of virtual consultations with radiologists; genomic sequencing is becoming an attractive option; the healthcare industry accounted for the highest number of data breaches among service industries in 2015; and big data analytics, telemedicine and wearables rank high among $1.4 billion worth of healthIT investments in 2016.

Virtual health consultants

Study finds cutting-edge customer experience could boost revenue by 16% – Clinical Innovation+Technology

A more individualized customer experience could drive revenue up by 16 percent, according to C-suite executives in a study conducted by Oracle. Healthcare organizations could avoid missed opportunities by implementing tools for self-service to better serve the 77 percent of patients who say they want a more personalized experience.

Referring physicians enjoy virtual radiology consults – Auntminnie

Referring physicians overwhelmingly appreciate the opportunity to have “virtual” consultations with radiologists while reviewing radiology reports, according to an article published online April 12 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology.

Latest trends might push genomic sequencing to the mainstream – Clinical Innovation+Technology

The time is right for more and more people to have their genome sequenced, said Yaron Turpaz, CIO of Human Longevity. Turpaz’s company said reduced sequencing costs, computational power, machine learning and value-based care are converging and driving growth in this area. Human Longevity clients spend $25,000 to go through a series of tests and exams, including a full-body MRI, to have their genome sequenced.

Ransomware and tax fraud rise as healthcare hit with more data breaches than any other industry – Healthcare IT News

The healthcare industry accounted for the highest number of data breaches among service industries in 2015, according to a new 2016 Internet Security Threat Report from Symantec. The report also found ransomware on the rise and increasingly sophisticated attack tactics being perpetrated by organized criminals with extensive resources.

Big data analytics, telemedicine, wearables rank high among $1.4B worth of health IT investments in 2016 – Healthcare IT News

The first quarter of 2016 saw $1.4 billion in venture capital funding and the most merger and acquisitions transactions in a single quarter to date, according to Mercom Capital Group. The top health IT areas of investment were: wearables at $260 million, analytics at $197 million, telemedicine at $171 million, mHealth apps at $120 million and consumer health information/education with $100 million. #healthIT #radiology


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