[Infographic] Portals, Access, and Engagement—Patients are Demanding It

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Cristine Kao

Cristine Kao, Global Marketing Manager, Healthcare IT, Carestream

With healthcare facilities and medical professionals looking for various patient services to improve communication, allowing these patients to track and share their own medical histories via portals and online access could lead to improved healthcare.

At Carestream, we’ve always been fascinated by where medical images fit within the patient engagement and patient portal environment. To truly understand the patient perception and needs, we partnered with IDR Medical to conduct a direct survey of 1000 patients across the US with various backgrounds.

By learning what patients are looking for, we can provide our customers—administrators, radiologists and executives—with the tools and services that could lead to better and more efficient care. This is because we are ultimately providing patients with more access to their personal health information, and helping them to become more aware of their own health and any issues they may be experiencing. This makes for improved communication with their physicians, which can lead to the improved diagnoses.

The survey asked what patients are looking for in terms of medical images, patient portals, and online access to those images. The infographic below provides an overview of the key insights from the study.

You can click on the following link to download the complete study.




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