DRX-Revolution “Drives” Speed and Consistency at Tufts Medical Center

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Mike Foley

Mike Foley, Director of Radiology Services, Tufts Medical Center

Our radiology services team completes nearly 28,000 portable exams each year throughout the medical center. Mobile X-ray’s role in our patient care strategy continues to grow, making efficiency and image quality paramount.

The first stage in our move to improve productivity was to convert some of our CR-based portable systems to digital radiography. This year we upgraded three existing portable units with wireless DRX detectors. These upgrades allow our existing portable systems to deliver images in less than five seconds for our most critical patients—a huge clinical advantage when compared to the 15 minutes required to transport cassettes and process CR images.

DRX-RevolutionWe also installed a DRX-Revolution mobile imaging system, which moves us to a new level of care for critically ill or injured patients. Its specialized software reprocesses the original X-ray image with algorithms that display tubes and lines so physicians can immediately verify the accuracy of placement.

Radiologists also gain greater consistency in image presentation since the system allows technologists to review previous exposure settings that produced an excellent image and re-use them. Consistency is a huge advantage when radiologists are looking for subtle differences in a patient’s condition on a daily basis.

Our technologists are also happier (and more productive) thanks to smooth maneuverability in tight spaces, a collapsible column that delivers unimpaired visibility and greater safety, and convenient storage for all the accessories needed to perform portable imaging exams.

Do your radiologists experience inconsistencies among portable exams? 

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