A New Approach to Multi-Site X-Ray Exam Reading – Part One

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For RadCare being one of the most respected and fastest growing radiology management companies in the U.S. means keeping 85 radiologists, 30 teleradiologists and 22 hospitals satisfied 24/7. That is no small feat when reading 2 million imaging exams each year for healthcare providers with disparate RIS and PACS.

RadCare’s secret? Standardizing on ONE reading and reporting platform that offers a common user interface and set of applications to both onsite and remote radiologists from anywhere.

The firm recently put in place Carestream Vue Connect, powered by SuperPACS™ technology that interfaces with multiple PACS to produce a single patient worklist, automates pulling of prior exams and embeds voice recognition—a combination that simplifies workflow:

  •  Teleradiologists who previously had three or four workstations now use one
  • Streaming technology displays  the first image in seconds
  • Stat reports are delivered in as little as 20 minutes
  • Standard reports are completed in about half an hour
  • Physician downtime is reduced by 75 percent

RadCare’s leadership team recently invited us to their headquarters to discuss their growth and technology direction. In part one of a four part weekly series, we share an inside look at what drove their investment in a new platform:

Each week during the month of January, we’ll take a deeper look at how a smarter approach to radiology workflow is benefiting the practice, radiologists and patients. Tune in next week when J. Leslie Derdeyn, MD, RadCare’s National Medical Director discusses how the system is affecting radiologist productivity.

What workflow complexity is keeping your practice or department from being more efficient?


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