Are tradeshows outdated? Carestream CMO Norman Yung weighs in on our RSNA 2009 experience

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At RSNA 2009, customers and equipment providers are talking about the same thing—how solutions can help improve productivity and streamline workflow to achieve lower costs. It’s been great to hear customers this week tell us that our solutions are delivering on these key objectives. Equally exciting, we are continuing to build on our reputation for innovation in DR and RIS/PACS technologies.

Healthcare facilities love the flexibility of our DRX-1 technology platform—the distinctive benefit of driving a cost-effective transition from analog to digital; the ability to be upgraded to a fully automated DR suite (DRX-Evolution); and the ability to become a retrofit solution with mobile X-ray systems from other vendors (DRX-Mobile, shown as a work in progress).

Key competitive advantages of our RIS/PACS are also striking a chord with customers. For PACS, our unique ability to automate the review of volumetric exams, automatic registration, advanced bone removal and vessel tracking analysis are turning more than a few heads. On the RIS side, new features including critical results notification (a hot topic at this year’s RSNA), peer review and protocol workflows — all built into a single integrated system — are really resonating with the imaging professionials we are speaking with at the conference.

Tradeshows are sometimes viewed as outdated. But to the contrary, our RSNA 2009 experience validates the importance of being able to see product demonstrations from multiple vendors at the same venue. We welcome the opportunity to go head-to-head with our competitors. It gives us a chance to spotlight our technological advantages as well as showcase the ease of use and cost efficiency that is built into our imaging and information management solutions.

If you would like to learn more about the solutions we are showcasing at RSNA, or you simply would like to chat with us about what you’re trying to accomplish in healthcare, please leave a comment below or drop us a line on website.

– Norman Yung, Chief Marketing Officer, Carestream Health



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    While trade shows have seen a decline in recent years I don’t believe they will be going anywhere soon. They still offer a great ROI and a chance to build brand awareness.


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