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Our full DR detector portfolio offers a quick, easy and affordable way to transition to digital radiography. It includes a range of DR detector options, allowing you to select the right one for your facility’s X-ray rooms and mobile units.


All DRX Detectors offer:

  •   Wireless connectivity
  •   The superb image quality of full digital
  •   Carbon-fiber twill panel for improved handling
  •   Your choice of Gadolinium or Cesium Scintillator
  •   Offered in 35x43 and 43x43 sizes

DRX Plus Features

Our premium, feature-rich Detector

  • Battery hot-swap
  • Thinner design & lighter weight
  • IPX 57 water-resistance rating
  • Detector-status LED indicators
  • X-Factor sharability

DRX Core Features

Our affordable workhorse

  • IPX 44 water-resistance rating
  • Detector-status LED indicators
  • Affordable DR performance

DRX 2530 Detector

The power of X-Factor in a smaller format

  • Easy to position in incubator trays
  • Ideal for tabletop orthopaedic imaging
  • Built-in handle for easy, safe positioning

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