• Industrex HPX-PRO Portable Digital System

    Carestream Industrex HPX-PRO Portable Digital System

    Carestream NDT introduces the next generation in portable digital imaging equipment. The HPX-PRO Digital CR System is designed for imaging in the field. It's a lightweight, portable solution providing faster set-up, more efficient imaging, and rapid analysis and reporting to keep your team moving down the line.

  • Non-Destructive Testing

    Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

    Industrial applications and safety inspection for quality-driven results

    Our NDT solutions address the unique needs of aerospace, petrochemical and other industrial testing with innovative research, products and services. Our development teams continually work to make sure our NDT products can perform radiographic testing (RT) anywhere in the world.

  • Industrex Flex XL Blue Digital Imaging Plates

    Carestream Industrex
    Flex XL Blue Digital Imaging Plates


    Flex XL Blue Digital Imaging Plates offer the flexibility of film without the need for wet processing allowing you to capture and read images quickly and easily, both in the field and in the lab.

    • Discover what you can do with Flex XL Blue
  • HPX-1 Diagnostic Tool

    HPX-1 Diagnostic Tool

    Helping you work better

    The Diagnostic Tool is simple to use, reducing the traditionally complex task of checking system calibration down to only a few minutes and the click of a button.

    • See how you can reduce risk and improve your performance with the HPX-1 Diagnostic Tool Kit
  • HPX-1 Digital Plate Carrier

    HPX-1 Digital Plate Carrier

    Enhance your HPX-1 experience

    Scan small or irregular shaped imaging plates using your HPX-1 Digital System. Its easy-to-use design will have you up and running in minutes.

    • Find out how to improve productivity with the new HPX-1 Small & Irregular Plate Carrier

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Industrial applications and safety inspection for quality-driven results

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Carestream NDT Training

Caresteam NDT Digital Training  
Learn how to convert from film to a fully digital Imaging environment for all your NDT work.
Courses meet the guideline of:

  • Metals Affordability Initiative (MAI)
  • Federal Working Group on Industrial Digital Radiography (FWGIDR)
  • Defense Working Group on Non-Destructive Testing (DWGNDT)
  • Qualifies for (10) points towards ASNT NDT Certification renewals

Carestream INDUSTREX HPX-1 System


The Carestream INDUSTREX HPX-1 CR System is built from the ground up to meet the varied and specific needs of non-destructive testing.
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Top Questions to ask your CR Salesperson

Top Questions to Ask Your CR Salesperson
Carestream has the answers to your tough questions about the HPX-1 CR System.

NDT YouTube channel

Carestream NDT YouTube Channel
Tune into Carestream's NDT YouTube channel for video product demonstrations and feature overviews of our innovative imaging products. 

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