Environmental Health & Safety

We are proud of our commitment to environmental health and safety in everything we do. Our commitment focuses on the use of life cycle thinking in product development and in manufacturing design to prevent incidents and conserve natural resources. Learn more in our Environmental Health & Safety Policy.

Environmental Health & Safety Policy

Carestream Health will conduct business in such a way as to preserve the environment and protect the health and safety of the company’s associates, neighbors and customers. Carestream will follow a set of
“ē·co·pride” principles where
ē - represents the environmental and the employee health and safety considerations
co - represents the compliance and the cost expectations
pride - represents how Carestream will embrace, integrate and demonstrate its obligations.

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Carestream Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets for chemical products and Article Information Sheets, for items such as film, paper, batteries and equipment, contain country specific regulatory information.

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Carestream Environmental Health and Safety

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Supplier Expectations

Supplier Expectations
Products supplied to Carestream Health are to be in compliance with national and international regulations.  Suppliers are encouraged to use life cycle thinking to minimize environmental, health, and safety impacts.

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