Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Supplier Expectations

(for suppliers of components, materials, & finished goods only)

Carestream Health expects that its suppliers will conduct their business in compliance with their local environmental, health, and safety regulations. Products supplied to Carestream Health are to be in compliance with national and international regulations. Suppliers are encouraged to use life cycle thinking to minimize environmental, health, and safety impacts as they

  • select materials that are environmentally considerate and reusable/recyclable
  • manufacture products in a way that protects employees and eliminates waste
  • package products for shipment with recycled materials and that can be recycled or reused
  • consider use of their products by Carestream Health and our customers
  • identify product disposal options that enable maximum reuse or recycling

Carestream Health must be able to demonstrate environmental, health, and safety compliance of end-use products to our customers and to regulatory authorities.  To do this, we must obtain data and declarations from our suppliers and expect that our suppliers are actively working with their suppliers to ensure compliance traceability throughout the supply chain. Accurate data is necessary in order to pay appropriate material collection and disposal fees.  Carestream Health uses internationally recognized material declaration questionnaires and other survey methods in order to obtain this data.

The recent revision of the European Union EU RoHS Directive and continued changes in the EU REACH Regulations, now requires Carestream Health to obtain detailed compliance evidence for restricted materials from suppliers for Medical Equipment. To meet these regulatory requirements, Carestream Health has identified a supplier, ENVIRON, that will facilitate the process. This process requires our Suppliers to join BOMcheck- the centralized, open access substance declarations web database.  BOMcheck is an industry-wide initiative using a regulatory compliance tool designed specifically to enable suppliers to provide declarations for REACH, RoHS and other restricted substances legislation. To join please visit www.BOMcheck.net. Further details are available at www.BOMcheck.net/suppliers

Links to specific EHS Specifications and Material Composition Declarations are provided below. Suppliers are expected to use this information and respond in a timely manner to purchasing requests.

Equipment Component Specifications & Declarations

Packaging Specifications & Declarations

Suppliers are required to provide Carestream Health information regarding packaging weights and material types.

Battery Specifications & Declarations

Suppliers are required to provide Carestream Health with information regarding battery chemistry , numbers and weights.

General Supplier EHS Specifications

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