Putting patients at the center of efficient, effective healthcare


The universal viewer connects with existing patient records to provide seamless storage, accessibility and sharing of clinical data.


Use a standard web browser to access patient records, images and data within an intuitive, meaningful context for each user.


The Clinical Collaboration Platform provides viewing, reporting and distribution tools tailored to each stakeholder’s needs.


A simple, secure web portal provides patient access to relevant clinical information, exams and reports, encouraging patients to participate actively in managing their own healthcare.


Efficiently deliver patient medical records and population reports to simplify management, reduce overall costs and support more accurate claims processing.

How we do it

  • Advanced reporting tools provide the information each user needs – from clinical information for developing care plans to data mining for tracking quality outcomes.

  • Secure remote access supports teleconsulting services and gives satellite clinics and remote practitioners the information and control they need to deliver more effective care.

  • Browser-based access, management and reporting enables efficient collaboration with diagnostic reading services and provides access to diagnostic expertise in remote and rural locations.

Collaborative tools for
every stakeholder.

Modules and services

Patient Portal

A secure portal that allows patients to play an integral role in their medical care..

Enterprise Distribution via EMR

Easy access to imaging data and patient information by on-site or remote clinicians.

Mobile and Bedside Access

Accessible on a variety of devices no matter where the patient is located.

Business Analytics

See workflow patterns, individual clinician productivity, and other critical metrics.

Learn how to provide meaningful context to clinical imaging data for easy access and confident interpretation.

Download Whitepaper: Metadata

Frequently asked questions

We would like to expand our Telehealth services, providing access to our specialists for remote patients. Can you help?

Yes. Clinical Collaboration Platform offers zero-footprint web services for easy implementation of clinical data acquisition and management capabilities at remote sites. Specialists can view images for diagnosis using Vue Motion, the enterprise collaboration viewer.

Does the Clinical Collaboration Platform work with my BYOD (bring your own device) strategy?

Yes. Vue Motion has been evaluated and approved by the FDA for clinical reading on various mobile devices. It’s a truly device-independent enterprise collaboration viewer.

How does the Clinical Collaboration Platform support meaningful collaboration between physicians and their patients?

The MyVue patient portal can be embedded in the EMR patient portal, enabling patients to access, manage and share their own clinical data results. Studies have shown that patients place a high value clinical images. With the insight these images provide, patients can have more productive discussions with their physicians regarding treatment and health maintenance options.

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