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  • Access to the patient’s full medical history, plus side-by-side access to the data relevant for each specialty, helps clinicians work together for more coordinated care.

  • Convenient access to clinical images and healthcare information through a browser-based portal helps patients understand and take an active role in their own care.

  • The ability to manage clinical data holistically gives executives more agility for mitigating risk, improving quality and planning for future needs based on improved business insight.

  • Data-mining relevant information for review in real-time dashboards and other compliance and reporting systems helps ensure data transparency for tracking quality outcomes.

  • “Having a true vendor-neutral clinical image repository means my facility can ingest all data formats without interrupting the department workflow, regardless of their specialty or variance in their processes.” 

    - Marco Foracchia, PhD, IT Medical Systems Manager, Reggio Emilia Hospital, Italy

  • “We are definitely seeing patients shopping for imaging and I think MyVue enhances our ability to attract those patients. And, if we can save around $15,000 each year because we offer this service to patients, and we also save time for them and in their own operation, those are good benefits.”

    - Dr. Randall Stenoien, C.E.O., Houston Medical Imaging

  • “For example, endoscopy exams, which are often tied to oncology follow-up, are a critical part of patient care, yet they’re only stored on the equipment itself. Having concurrent image access with report distribution is providing physicians the relevant clinical information they need for diagnosis.”

    - Dr. Sassatelli, Director of Gastroenterology and the Digestive Endoscopy Unit

  • “Communication between radiologists and other physicians is improved with the synchronization between EMR and PACS along with reports with embedded image.”

    - Dr. Cree M. Gaskin, Associate Professor of Radiology, Medical Imaging and Orthpaedic Surgery and Vice-Chair of Informatics

  • “Carestream’s Vue Motion enables physicians to access the entire patient imaging record and radiology reports even when they are not at their desk. The zero-footprint viewer—along with advanced 3D tools—has made this implementation quick and seamless. These new features dramatically improve convenience for clinicians and can help enhance patient care.”

    - Rick Perez, Administrative Director, Department of Radiology, Winthrop Hospital.

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