Reno Diagnostic Centers Increase Efficiency in Radiology

Centers consolidate workstations with Carestream Vue RIS and Vue PACS

Imaging technology applications have the potential to provide many benefits – including increased efficiency. With this goal in mind, Reno Diagnostic Centers of Reno Nevada implemented Carestream’s Vue RIS and Vue PACS to help streamline workflow in radiology.

“We recognized the opportunity to use technology to our advantage to increase the efficiency of the entire operation with a primary focus on making the radiologist as efficient as possible,” said Ron Milbank, Director of IT at Reno Diagnostic Centers.

The pair of outpatient imaging centers does about 75,000 exams a year across all modalities. By implementing Carestream’s RIS and PACS solutions, they were able to eliminate multiple, disparate workstations including mammography and PET-CT fusion workstations as well as regular RAD workstations.

“When you add up the cost of those stations, plus the support contracts that go along with them, the training curve for the radiologists to learn all that software, and the opportunity to lose all those stations – there’s a big benefit to consolidation,” said Milbank.

The goal for 2017? More efficiency in radiology and continued high levels of patient care.

“We continue to look for ways to have the rads interact with the software as little as possible to accomplish their job at a complexity and quality level that exceeds the competitors, and is way above the minimum standard,” emphasized Milbank.

Hear more about Reno Diagnostic Centers in this video interview. #HCIS

Aunt Minnie Names OnSight 3D Extremity System ‘Best New Radiology Device’

Customer Input Drives Carestream’s Engineering Innovation

Carestream was proud to receive the Aunt Minnie award for Best New Radiology Device at RSNA16 in Chicago. The prestigious award was given to Carestream for our innovative OnSight 3D Extremity System that brings a new modality and clinical value to the orthopaedic market.

Andrew Hartmann, Carestream’s Vice President and General Manager for ultrasound and cone beam CT; and Jim Burns, Chief Technology Officer, X-ray Solutions at Carestream, sat down at RSNA16 to talk about what drives the company’s product innovation. The dominant themes: customer input and innovation.

Carestream spends considerable time interacting with customers to design and refine its products. Customers at RSNA commented on different features in the product that they had proposed during the design process.

Similarly, about 100 sonographers, physicians, radiologists, radiology administrators, and sonography students from throughout the world touched, prodded, and gave feedback on Carestream’s Touch Prime Ultrasound product throughout its development.

A second theme in the conversation was innovation. 3D cone beam is a new modality and Carestream is making it available to a new market segment: orthopaedic offices. By doing so, Carestream is broadening the possibilities for clinical collaboration and changing the clinical workflow. By moving the modality closer to the patient, it paves the way for an improved patient experience. CBCT imaging provides more information to the surgeon over 2D X-ray with the added convenience of potentially fewer office visits for the patient.

Customer input and smart engineering innovation: it’s an award-winning combination. Listen to the full conversation between Jim Burns and Andrew Hartmann.

Columbus Regional Health Gets Creative When 3 RAD Rooms are Eliminated

Reliability, redundancy and mobility help provider keep pace with imaging needs

Many radiology departments are feeling the pressure of “doing more with less”. For Columbus Regional Health in Indiana, the pressure was literal: the medical provider had to eliminate three RAD rooms yet maintain the same Bill-Algee-Columbus-Regional-Healththroughput. The hospital is meeting the challenge by transitioning to DR and adding mobility to the modality mix.

The provider started by converting its CR mobile X-ray equipment to DR with Carestream’s mobile retrofit kit. That retrofit was followed by the purchase of a Carestream mobile DRX-Revolution.

“Mobility is essential to bringing imaging to where we need it,” said Bill Algee, Radiology Manager at Columbus Regional Health. “Our staff drove it around for a little bit and fell in love with the product.”

Next, the hospital outfitted its imaging room in the emergency department with a DRX-Evolution Plus. The product’s high level of reliability is critical to meeting the needs of the busy ED, which was relocated a considerable distance away from the imaging department.

“It absolutely has to be reliable because it’s the only imaging solution in that area of the hospital,” said Algee. “The reliability factor was really important to us.”

Also, the product’s extended tube column and wall stand provide make it flexible enough to meet the varying imaging needs of patients coming in to the ED.

The hospital has an added level of support from Carestream’s DR Detectors. The wireless DR detector can be used with imaging systems throughout the facility.

“Having uniform detectors gives us an added layer of redundancy. If a cassette goes down in emergency, we can replace it with one from diagnostics,” explained Algee. “And the software is always the same no matter what room we go in to. The technologist doesn’t have to take the time to figure out what to do in different rooms.”

The combination of retrofitting existing equipment and purchasing new products helped Columbus Regional Health transition from CR to DR to meet the U.S. Consolidated Appropriations Act at their own pace.

“We kind of took it in baby steps and that worked well for us. Our staff didn’t feel overwhelmed,” said Algee. “Carestream was the right partner to help us through it; they had the right methodology.”

Watch the video interview with Bill Algee to learn more about Columbus Regional Health’s transition to DR. #radiology #AHRA2016

Erica Carnevale


Erica Carnevale is a marketing manager at Carestream Health in the United States and Canada Region.

Feast Your Eyes on our Top YouTube Videos of 2015

Carestream’s Popular Videos on YouTube

Whether stuck in winter in the northern hemisphere or living in Melbourne and watching the Australian Open where it’s 90 degrees, YouTube makes it easy to soak up enormous amounts of information on anything that interests us. In 2015 we hosted a batch of videos that radiology and healthcare IT professionals found valuable.  So whether you are cold or hot–grab a beverage of choice and cruise through a few of these videos. Instant information at your fingertips…

We’re sharing our list of our most popular videos in 2015 that includes overviews of our new innovative products at RSNA, image archiving, image sharing and other HealthIT topics, plus demos and benefits for our image capture medical devices for ultrasound and digital radiography.

New Innovations shares at RSNA

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Video: Accomplish Your Mission with the Touch Prime Ultrasound System

With the new dynamics of healthcare the stakes for sonographers have never been higher. It is a group known best for having mastered the art of turning sound waves into diagnostic imagery. One false move and department productivity and patient satisfaction can plummet.

The time has come to give these special agents an ultrasound system they can personalize to propel their efficiency. Replace the one-sized fits all control panel littered with buttons and knobs for a sleek, smooth surface with a revolutionary combination of touch and sound. A swipe of the badge gives sonographers secure access to their individual preferences and controls that push the limits of productivity and position each sonographer to embark on their missions faster, with enhanced intelligence.

The new tool of choice is the CARESTREAM Touch Prime Ultrasound System. A system that can consistently deliver pristine images and offers an extraordinary personalized, intuitive user experience never before seen by sonographers.

Mission ready. Personalized for every sonographer.

Your mission today, should you choose to accept it, is to watch this demonstration of the ultrasound system sonographers helped to design and share with your favorite special agent of patient care.

Video: Advancements in Cardiology PACS

CARESTREAM Vue Cardio is a web-based PACS that consolidates review of echocardiography, cardiac cath, ECG, nuclear cardiology and hemodynamic results with easy comparison of priors for better patient care.

In the demo video below, you will see how this cardiology PACS acts as a single solution that streamlines enterprise access and reporting of cardiovascular data for faster diagnosis, reporting, storage, and distribution of clinical data.

The Importance of FDA-Approved Medical Image Viewers

Last month, we discussed the importance of having medical image viewers approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at SIIM 2015.

The benefits are numerous. Most importantly, with FDA approval, the users (referring physicians) are assured that the quality of the medical images that they are viewing are of a high quality that is appropriate for clinical decision making.

The FDA is very specific in what they consider to be a diagnostic device. It talks about a specific guideline about how a mobile device, or any device, is used for clinical decision making, and right now, the FDA is saying that a viewer must go through the FDA clearance process if it is going to be used for any sort of clinical decision making.

Radiologists’ customers, referring physicians, are looking at the patient medical images for clinical decision making on viewers, and more often these viewers are on mobile devices. Using a medical image viewer approved by the FDA means that there is compliance throughout the healthcare enterprise.

Carestream’s Vue Motion is FDA approved for clinical viewing on mobile devices, be it tablet, iPad, iPhone, or Android. The demo below shows Vue Motion in action and how it can bring an enterprise together around patient clinical data.

Video: Design Benefits of the CARESTREAM Touch Ultrasound System

Doug Wuebben, echocardiographer, Avera Sacred Heart Hospital, discusses what he likes about the design of the CARESTREAM Touch Ultrasound System.

In the video interview, he touches on the ease and customization of set-up, the fast start-up, and the ergonomic design of the system that prevents repetitive motions for sonographers.

Importance of Viewers in Enterprise Imaging

Marianne Matthews, Chief Editor, Axis Imaging News, recently spoke with Cristine Kao, Global Marketing Director, Healthcare information Solutions, Carestream, and the focus was on viewers and the important role they play in enterprise imaging.

It is not so much the technology as what the viewer enables that makes them so important. Collaborative care between users is at the essence of what makes viewers so powerful because diagnoses and treatment planning need to be based on looking at and having access to the same information.

The interview, which can be watched in its entirety below, also toucheson FDA approvals for enterprise viewers, and which ones need to go through FDA clearance and which ones do not.

Video: Animated Demo of the DRX-Evolution Plus

The DRX-Evolution has gone through a number of updates and enhancements over the years. So much so that the new round of enhancements has led us to release a new version–the DRX-Evolution Plus.

These updates to the system include a new look with high-tech LED lighting for function and aesthetics, capability of installing advanced apps when they become available, a higher weight capacity table for patients up to 705 lbs. (320 kg.), and extended tube and column range for sites with high ceilings.

The animated demo below walks you through these various features and enhancements.