Health provider integrates 1,600 primary care clinics, 90 regional hospitals, and 160 other sites. Lee este blog en español. Rapid and accelerating change is cascading through the healthcare industry, presenting unprecedented new challenges. Case in point: large, multi-site enterprises – created through consolidations, mergers, acquisitions, or the

What is your cloud strategy for medical imaging? Two large hospitals see it differently. Cloud strategies for storing and accessing medical images across the enterprise are front and center in healthcare IT these days. The increasing sophistication of imaging technology has resulted in substantial increases in

Algorithms, on-the-job-training, and confidence are topics in radiology this week. Diagnostic Reading summary includes: radiologists face pressure to consolidate; an algorithm can extract and characterize findings in radiology reports; a year of clinical practice dramatically improves competency among radiologists; The Journal of the ACR outlines reasons

Health IT systems shift from record keeping to access that enables clinical collaboration. Until the middle of the last decade, the primary goal of the EMR/EHR was actually to capture information, not to provide access to it - impeding clinical collaboration. It was a reference for doctors—a way to