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    At Arab Health 2013 Carestream showcased: 

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  • Mobility Redefined  

    CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution

    Our new mobile x-ray system delivers outstanding image quality, exceptional maneuverability and rapid access to patient images similar to that found in a stationary x-ray room. The DRX-Revolution features a unique collapsible column for improved visibility and offers specialty features that lead to rapid positioning with minimal intrusion on staff and surrounding equipment.

  • Patient Empowerment

    CARESTREAM MyVue Patient Portal

    Learn about the Ferrara Hospital's CARESTREAM MyVue*  Patient Portal trade trial. MyVue, a secure portal, provides a direct link between patients and the radiology department by empowering patients to access and share their  imaging results between healthcare providers. During the trial at Ferrara Hospital in Italy, patients found the system clear and simple. In fact, 98% of patients were  satisfied with the ability to view their diagnostic images through the web on a  personal computer or iPad.

    *Available March 2013

Vue Motion at Spire Healthcare

Spire Healthcare Implements Vue Motion Mobile Viewer (video)
See how consultants gain access to imaging data anytime, anywhere. 

Ferrara Hospital

Italian Hospital Shares Images with Patients (video)  
Learn how 98 percent of the patients participating in the trade trial were satisfied with the ability to view their images online.

Johan de May, UZ Brussel Hospital

UZ Brussel Hospital Changes Imaging Strategy to DRX (video)
Learn how digital radiography will help double imaging capacity in a new department.

The Coldest Journey

CARESTREAM DRX-Field Portable to Journey Across Antarctica
Carestream providing technology to expedition team set to conquer crossing Antarctica in winter.

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